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According to the Matrix, the concept of illness is understood as “ loss of Rhythm” and “Derailed” processes at the cellular level. Dr.UlrichRandoll had carried out research at the University of Erlangen, Germany(1989-1997) using high-resolution video microscopy uncovered the fact that healthy cells and skeletal muscle oscillate in the frequency of 8-12Hz corresponds to ALPHA RHYTHM.

This Alpha Rhythm is a natural mechanism of nourishment and wellbeing of the cells of our body which get disturbed in case of injury trauma or chronic neuro-muscular imbalance causes change in frequency which diminishes normal blood flow to tissues. Body cells start starving hence one feels spasm pain swelling etc. Matrix mobile device has a probe that exerts the normal frequency of 8-12Hz on the body which synchronizes the disturbed rhythm of cells to normal level thereby reduces pain swelling muscles tightness spasm etc.